Levitra Super Active

What is the right remedy to fight erectile dysfunction? Different companies face tight competition and try to win the right to provide this remedy for you. Pfizer gradually loses the market little by little though it provides other forms of ED drugs, such as Viagra Jet. But other companies do not stay behind and also try their best to win the market share with their medications.

You can try original Levitra that is able to eliminate ED without effort. Though Viagra has always been the leading drug, now you can buy Levitra without prescription at a cheaper price and you will like the result. This is a pleasant bonus during the hardest period of your life – when you have to go through the unpleasant experience.

You are given a chance to increase penile sensitivity and experience new sensations. The drug is available in red capsules. Each capsule contains 20mg of Vardenafil.  Compared to conventional Levitra Super Active form features a lower probability of occurrence of side effects. Still, keep in mind the drug may cause headache, nasal congestion or facial flushing. Levitra is contraindicated in individuals with anatomical deformation of penis, as well as heavy diseases of cardio-vascular system.  Levitra Super Active is a medicine to overcome erection problems. Advanced formula works more efficiently, while the mechanism is similar to that of Viagra or its generics – Sildenafil Effervescent, for example. Clinical trials show Levitra has several advantages over Viagra: it starts working 16 minutes after ingestion, while Viagra requires almost an hour of expectation.

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Alcohol and food do not affect the action of Levitra. That’s what you really need for a romantic date to start with a dinner, you know. Taken on an empty stomach, Viagra brings no similar profits. The capsule is swallowed, with no chewing, washed down with water. Daily dose is equal to one capsule. Taking more than one capsule is not recommended, since this can lead to side effects. The drug action remains in force for 50 hours. The effect is not reduced by alcohol and fatty foods.A dosage of 40 mg vardenafil is considered too high, being recommended only for men with very severe erectile dysfunction.


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